Thanks for ordering an appraisal from us. We will do our best to provide you with a fast and accurate appraisal, and help you out best we can with the loan process or for what ever purpose you use the appraisal. Even after the appraisal report is delivered.

If you need to get an indicator of value, or see some comparables, you can just email us directly and we will provide you with a comparable value range that we hope will help you out.

Payment forms:

We prefer COD if possible, either at the time of inspection or within 1 week, and give a discount for it.
Otherwise Cash or check. We also accept all credit cards.
We give up to 2 months credit, if you are known to us and when we have a working relationship.

Our prices and policy:


These prices may be different if you have an account and when ordering often. For other appraisal prices, Call us !

PRIVATE USE APPRAISAL / COMP CHECK        $100 and up. Call for exact pricing.

1004 SINGLE FAMILY                                         $550 and up

1073 CONDO                                                    $595 and up

2055 DRIVE BY EXTERIOR SFR                           $450

1075 CONDO EXTERIOR                              $450

2000A 2 – 4 INCOME UNIT, w OIS and rent          $750 and up. Call for special quote.

PROPERTY, +3,000 SF or +2 units      +$50 or more. NOT value based !

RUSH FEE – report in 4 hours after inspection     +$150

FHA, REO, 1007, 216 forms                                   +$25

COD rebate, when paid within 1 week            $50

Kauai, Hawaii, Lanai and Molokai                       +$500 and more additional travel fee

LATE FEE, if paid after due date. Per month        +$50
After 2 months it may be sent to collection, with additional fees. Let us know, and we can work things out.

Payment of an appraisal order is NOT contingent upon the outcome of a loan, OR the value opinion of the appraiser.
An appraisal has to be paid no matter what. Just like anything else you buy and keep.
An appraisal order will not be accepted based on a predetermined value. We may give you notice if estimated value may not be met (only if asked prior to assignment), but a true value opinion can only be made after an inspection and writing a report. We strive to provide a true and unbiased value of the property. If appraised according to HVCC or for FHA, value estimates will not be given.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellation of an appraisal can be made up to the day prior to inspection at no cost, if not inter-island. If inter-island, travel fee will apply. Cancellation fee on same day depends on if inspection is made, time spent and travel made. No cancellation possible after report delivery.